Steel Wool 24 X 12

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"EXCEPTIONAL VALUE - Grade 0 Steel Wool. 24 non crumble fine wire wool pads of 6g each (144g in total) with each pad approximately 6cm x 4cm.
Flexible and reusable.
HOME USE – Ideal for most household jobs with their handy size which is designed for easy usage.
The fine steel wool easily removes stubborn stains from pots, pans, utensils and dishes (not suitable for ceramics and non-stick). They are perfect for cleaning jobs as the steel wool 0 pads are flexible to reach in and around corners, and great for kitchenware and furniture
MASTER CRAFTSMEN – There is a wide range of usage with the wire wool 0 pads, but especially suitable for precision instruments, stone, arts and crafts,
polishing and metal tools cleaning etc. Use for final finishes.

- Pack size: 12
- Quantity: 24"