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30 Uses For Majestic Cup With Lid

Majestic Cup With LidThese plastic containers, with lids, are the perfect solution for storing liquids. They are made of transparent plastic, and provide better lid closure than regular polystyrene cups. They are light-weight, which makes them great for transportation, and being stackable, they take up little storage space. They are safe for use in microwaves, freezers and dishwashers.

These plastic containers look modest and unpretentious, but would you have believed the amount of uses you could get out of these Majestic cups, with lids? Below are 30 ideas that we bet you never thought of. So read on and be amazed at the myriad uses from the ‘Majestic cup with lid’.

1. Majestic cups are great for storing dips and sauces. The click on lids allow for safe transport without the worry of spillages occurring.
2. Use Majestic cups by organizing small craft items and office supplies in them. They’re great for holding pins, paper clips, buttons etc.
3. They can also be used in a workshop, for sorting nails, screws, washers etc.
4. Fill your majestic cup with fresh herbs and a bit of water. Place in the freezer and remove at your convenience to add to soups and sauces.
5. Add a basket of Majestic cups to the block centre in your toy room or classroom. Kids love building structures with them and stacking them together.
6. Use Majestic ups to store jewellery when travelling. Great for small items like earrings and rings.
7. Place garden soil in a majestic cup and add seed. Water regularly, then sit back and watch your seeds blossom.
8. Organize your spare change in Majestic cups: each jar holds a different type of coin. They can also be used by children for money-sorting activities.
9. Make some festive Majestic cups snack holders.
10. For craft time, use Majestic cups as glue and paint pots. When craft-time is over, pop the lid on to keep glue and paint from drying out.
11. Fill Majestic cups with water, and set on the art table to rinse paint brushes during art and crafts.
12. Nail lids to underside of shelf in craft room to store googly eyes, sequins, glitter, beads etc.
13. Keep a stash of Majestic cups for play at the water-table or at bath-time.
14. Paint the insides of the Majestic cups with different colours of paint, and toddlers can play a matching game with pom-poms.
15. Majestic cups are great uses for imaginative children’s’ play; use as garbage pails, buckets, laundry hampers in the doll house.
16. Use Majestic cups when playing with play dough. Replace the lid after play-time to keep the play dough from drying out.
17. Use a Majestic cup as a mini sewing kit to keep at work, or in your suitcase or car.
18. Keep a few Majestic cups in the sandbox for great imaginative children’s’ play.
19. Use your Majestic cups time and time again for brewing your own coffee or tea.
20. Store coffee and sugar mixture for coffee on the go.
21. Bug Jars – wrap a pipe cleaner handle around the top, and go exploring in the yard.
22. Use Majestic cups for storage of spices (store bought or homemade) on the refrigerator door
23. Make a tooth fairy capsule.
24. Keep your clips and small hair supplies organised with Majestic cups.
25. Create Piggy Banks for your kids and teach them how to manage their allowance: label 3 jars: “To Spend”, “To Save”, and “To Bank”.
26. Line Majestic cups up on a window-sill and plant herbs. When fully grown, snip herbs, and add to soups and dishes.
27. Fill with puffs, Cheerios, berries, nuts, or any small snack foods, and keep in your handbag.
28. Punch holes in the lids and use cups to store and dispense glitter.
29. Sort junk drawer items (nails, screws, push pins, safety pins, paper clips, etc.)
30. Fill with homemade baby food and freeze. When required, remove from freezer and use. Measured amount make it simple to monitor portions.


With so many uses for these Majestic Cups, you will find yourself never having enough. In Fulcare we offer these 2 oz. Majestic cups with lids, at just £15.97 for 1000, and the 4 oz. Majestic cups with lids, at just £20.49 for 1000.

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