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How Powder Free Synthetic Gloves have taken the Market by Storm

Powder free synthetic gloves have completely revolutionised the industry as their applications are limitless with their versatile benefits and the immense comfort they provide. These gloves are created using a combination of polyester and nylon to create a high-grade microfiber that resembles the properties of natural leather.

Benefits of Synthetic Gloves
Powder free synthetic gloves offer a whole array of applications in a variety of industries. However, the most prominent benefits of these gloves are as follows.

  • Highly puncture resistant: The first and most profound benefit of such gloves is that they are extremely durable. They are five times more puncture resistant compared to standard gloves.
  • Bacteria resistant: Another reason why these gloves are so popular in the market today is because they provide a sound barrier when exposed to blood borne pathogens. These gloves are FDA approved and are perfect for medical settings.
  • Powder free: These synthetic gloves are completely powder free making them perfect for jobs that require ink or adhesives. Since these gloves are powder free, there will be no mess, making it perfect for laboratory settings.
  • Latex free: A very large portion of people have latex related allergies and cannot wear such gloves, however, powder free synthetic gloves are completely latex free.
  • Extremely comfortable: One of the benefits of these synthetic gloves and the underlining reason why they are such a success in the market is its elastic properties. These gloves take the shape of your hand and provide a snug fit which is an impeccable seamless experience. 
  • Easy to don and doff: Finally, the last benefit of these versatile gloves is the fact they are perfect for settings where gloves have to be constantly replaced. These gloves can easily be taken off and a new pair can be worn in a matter of seconds, making it ideal for food processing and the medical industry.
  • Available in a variety of sizes: Most latex gloves are limited to a generic size, but synthetic gloves are available in a whole host of sizes and colours.

These characteristics no doubt exonerate the fact that powder free synthetic gloves offer a large spectrum of benefits. For more information about these sublime gloves or to purchase a pair at an extremely cost effective price, please click here.

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