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How to Keep Your Office Clean, Organized and Tidy

clean officeImagine walking into an office for an interview that looks untidy, with cords hanging out from devices, desk stations cluttered with unorganized files, dustbins oozing of crumbled papers and notice boards stacked with disorderly notes. What will that say to you about the organization, its culture and its people?

Nothing good, we assume.

But other than that, there are many more reasons to keep the office and work stations organized and tidy. In this blog, we shall talk about its importance and products that will help manage the clutter significantly.

The Many Advantages of an Organized Office
• Sets a positive impression about your business
• Creates a sense of professionalism
• Reduces accidents and health concerns
• Improves efficiency
• An organized workstation lowers stress
• Increases productivity
• Keeps one focused

Products That Can Help With the Organization
1. Lever Arch File
In any office, there is no such thing as too many papers. They will continue to flock no matter how much you try. The worst happens when you misplace that one sheet you need to take to your boss and you have no idea where you kept it. The perfect solution for this is level arch files. You can name each one differently based on their importance so you don’t lose important time when in need of one.

2. Letter Sorter
Receiving too much mail and don’t have a place to keep it? Enter the letter sorter. Yes, a life-saver if you must call it. As the name suggests, it keeps all your letters and important mail in order and in a single spot. The mesh letter sorter comes with multiple slots of various sizes to fit in all mail sizes.

3. Letter Tray Risers Charcoal 5/Unit
Not a big fan of the letter sorter above, this is another smart variant of it. It offers more space in between each letter trays and the specially designed curve at the end makes retrieval easier than ever.

4. Magazine File A4
Magazine file holders are reliable and durable places to stash the most important issues of the month. The one at Fulcare comes with multiple holes for easy retrieval whenever needed. It can easily hold up to 4-5 magazine issues, making ample amount of your work station available.

5.Assorted Push Pins 
Push pins are an amazing tool to remember things or tasks you need to do. From drinking water after every one hour to call the boss to remind him about the meeting after lunch, all such tasks easily be pinned to the fleece board using push pins. Not only the perfect way to declutter your desk but also your mind.

Need more help? We have tons of other office products at Fulcare to get you started on your office’s decluttering journey.

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