Saf-t-Intima Iv Catheter Y-Adap 24G X 25 YELLOW

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"BD Saf-T-Intima™ Integrated Safety Catheter is an integrated system for difficult veins.
The Saf-T-Intima facilitates cannulation of oncology patients with difficult veins thanks to the unique butterfly insertion technique.
The catheter is designed to minimise needlestick injuries through an automated safety mechanism that fully encapsulates the entire needle as well as
minimise blood exposure during insertion.
The combination of Vialon material, large and soft wings and integrated extension helps to improve catheter stabilisation in the vessel minimizing
catheter-related complications and improving catheter dwell times.
The integrated device most used for patients with difficult veins allow longer dwell-times in accordance with CDC guidelines.

- Y Adapter
- For Sub-cutaneous infusion use
- For IV infusion use
- Gauge: 24G (0.7mm)
- Length: 19mm (0.75 Inch)
- Colour: Yellow