Top Tips to Keep Commercial Kitchens Clean

It doesn’t matter how good your food is, if your kitchen is not kept clean and safe you will lose customers and maybe even be shut down. Cleaning is incredibly important in a commercial kitchen, to keep customers safe and to protect yourself legally.

The restaurant industry is a tough market to break into and the last thing you want is to have your success brought into question over a matter of cleanliness.

Here are a few easy ways that you can ensure your commercial kitchen is kept clean, tidy and safe.

Before starting any cleaning procedures, you should make sure all your staff are well trained. It is all very well you knowing how to clean your kitchen properly but if your staff are unable to maintain that standard of cleaning it all for nothing. Take time and energy to train your staff well and allow them to keep the kitchen clean.

Keep a clear checklist system – Make sure everybody in the kitchen understands which tasks are supposed to be completed daily, weekly or monthly. Have a checklist available so that when tasks are completed, they can be signed off. This will make sure that you are undertaking all necessary cleaning and not leaving anything off the list.

Properly clean equipment regularly – Using a product like a degreaser on Friars grills and stove tops can keep all areas of the kitchen clean. We all know that there’s a build up of dirt and grease around these types of cooking equipment, so ensure that you are regularly using an effective degreasing spray that can clean cooking appliances effectively.

Give your staff the tools they need – Commercial kitchens require top quality cleaning products. Ensure that your staff is equipped with cleaning products of the correct strength and good quality tools to help them clean. The cleaning supplies you choose will have a big impact on the time and energy that takes your staff to clean and the quality of cleaning that gets carried out.

Stay consistent and review – Make sure that you are staying consistent with the standard of cleaning you expect in your establishment. Set up routines for cleaning practices and schedule regular reviews to ensure that the standards you have set are still being met 3-months, 6 months, 1 years down the line.

Understand and meet industry regulations – Make sure that you fully understand your local, national and industry regulations. You should always ensure that you are fully meeting the regulation requirements. For example, there are different kinds of kitchen decreases and only some are acceptable for commercial kitchen use. Ensuring that you are fully up to date with what is required of you is essential to make sure you pass inspection and keep all your customers safe.

Sanitising clean cleaning supplies – It’s often forgotten but it is incredibly important that you clean and sanitise your cleaning supplies and tools. It’s all very well cleaning your kitchen thoroughly every day, but if you are using the same dirty rag to clean your floors and your countertops you will probably be making the situation worse. Firstly, make sure that you have specific tools for certain areas of the kitchen and ensure that once cleaning is finished everything is sanitised. This means it will be ready for your next clean.